Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Two air movers on floor.

It Is Important To Dry Behind Your Drywall After A Water Loss

If you have ever suffered from a water loss in your home or business in Houston, you might have noticed our technicians drilling small holes into your drywall. Why do we do that?

Why Do We Drill Holes In The Wall?

By drilling these small holes, we are allowing for airflow from our powerful air movers to easily access behind your drywall. This ensures that all areas surrounding the water loss receive the attention they need.

Before and after of a room.

Before and After a Flood Cleanup in Houston Home

Pictured above is a before and after of a flood cleanup and restoration job our team recently completed in the Houston area! Our team has the experience, equipment, and processes necessary to handle any size flood damage cleanup and restoration! At SERVPRO of Kingwood, Humble, Lake Houston we are on call 24/7 and ready to respond to your disaster!

Graphic of a flooded neighborhood with the franchise information.

Emergency Flood Response in Houston

Unfortunately, Houston is all too familiar with flooding. Though it is very common, it is unwelcome nonetheless. No matter what, our SERVPRO of Kingwood/Humble team is the team to call for all your flood damage cleanup and restoration needs!

Flood Cuts

Flood cuts are used when flooding has occurred in a business or home. Cutting out the contaminated materials. SERVPRO of Kingwood/Humble has certifications with the IICRC. A third party certification organization for the restoration industry.

Houston Theater Damaged by Flood Water

Flooding is wat casueel this theater to have sand and bacteria all through its halls. The water needed to be pumped and drained from the auditoriums because there was two feet of water gathered there. SERVPRO of Kingwood/Humble are ready to do any size job.

Cleanup after a Storm

Here is a picture after our team cleaned the movie theater that was flooded from a major storm. We were quick to respond, extract and demo everything that needed to come out in order to begin the rebuild process. 

Storm Team in Action

Here is our storm team in action working a major flood in the Louisiana area. We were quick to respond and brought lots of equipment and manpower. If you have any questions how our Extreme Response Team can help feel free to reach out to us at anytime. 

Houston Storm Damage with High Winds Leads to Tree Falling Through Roof

The rain poured into this home after the tree had fallen from the high winds of the storm damage. Significant water damage was sustained. SERVPRO of Kingwood-Humble immediately provided emergency board up. The next task was to mitigate the water damage and employ commercial grade drying equipment. Where possible we repaired rather than replaced. The remainder was restored pre-storm condition. SERVPRO of Kingwood-Humble is ready to help 24/7. Please call (281) 219-8180


As we hitch up our trailers and pull down the zippers our Tyvek jumpsuits. We wish our best to the people of Louisiana. We truly appreciate the opportunity to come in and make a difference for not just one but for all. As representatives under one roof, we joined together as one to aid in relief during disaster. Along with the experience, we gain much appreciation for life. With much gratitude we enjoying bringing life back to those displaced. Special Thank you to our now lifelong friends at The Dixie RV & Jubin’s Crossing Movie Tavern. We Thank You Louisiana!