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Furniture Water Damage

2/10/2023 (Permalink)

living room and furniture water damage After a water loss in your home, we are here to help restore you property properly back to pre loss conditions.

Water damage is never good for your furniture. If water damage goes left untreated, it can affect the structural integrity of your pieces over time and cost a lot of money to fix. When water damage is treated in a timely manner, there's a chance that your furniture will be salvageable. Here's what to do if your furniture gets damaged from water.

Remove Drawers and Cushions

Water can effect your entire piece of furniture quickly. It is important to remove and drawers or cushions to the furniture to help with the drying process. Opening the piece of furniture up with allow for adequate drying. Wood will take longer to dry than plastic or metal.


The first step in the cleaning process is to assess the level of damage and determine whether it can be repaired. Never attempt to clean a damaged piece of furniture or clothing on your own unless you know if it within your line of knowledge. If there is extensive water damage or stains on the fabric, you may have no other choice but to throw it out.

Don't use harsh chemicals or cleaners. Water damage can cause a number of different types of stains including mold and mildew growths. Using harsh chemicals or cleaners could make these problems worse by stripping the natural oils from materials like cotton or leather. Instead, try applying warm water with a soft cloth over any affected areas before moving on to another method.

The wood could have extensive water damage, you may use a wet/dry vacuum to remove water before wiping it down with a rags. Removing as much water as possible can cut back on secondary damages.

Treat Water Stains

If your furniture suffers from water stains, treat it with paint thinner, denatured alcohol or mineral spirits. These solvents are found in hardware stores and should be applied to a soft cloth with care. A small amount of solvent should be rubbed onto the stain until it disappears, don't apply too much because you can damage the wood underneath. Then let the solvent sit for a few minutes before wiping it off with a clean cloth.

If your furniture needs to be re-oiled after cleaning, it is recommended that you first use an oil-based stain on the damaged area. This will help seal in moisture and prevent further damage from occurring. You can find stains designed for wood at most hardware stores or online retailers such as Amazon or Home Depot. Select one that’s appropriate for your type of finish, whether it’s polyurethane, lacquer or shellac.

Furniture damage is a common problem after a water loss. Give the professionals at SERVPRO of Kingwood/Humble a call at the first sign of water damage in your property to help restore your furniture back to pre loss conditions. 

Leaking Roofs Can Lead to Mold

1/9/2023 (Permalink)

Hand pointing to mold growth on ceiling Having a leaking roof can be a huge problem

Most roofs don’t leak every day, but when they do, it can be a big problem. Water damage from a leaky roof can cause mold to grow in your home. This is especially true if you notice water stains on the ceiling or walls of your house. If you’re not sure whether your roof needs repair, here are some signs that could indicate that it's time to contact a professional roofing company:

How to Tell If Your Roof Is Leaking

1. Look for signs of water damage. A leaky roof will cause the drywall and insulation to become damp, which can be a source of mold growth. If you see moisture stains on your walls or ceilings, or if there is condensation inside of your house, it's time to call in the pros.

2. Check your gutters. If you don't notice any dripping from them, then your gutters may be clogged with debris like leaves and twigs that are preventing water from properly draining away from the building's foundation. Once they're cleared out, look at them every few months (or more often if you live in an area where heavy rainfalls are common). You should also check for cracks in these areas where rodents could get inside; this could cause structural issues as well as make it easier for pests such as mice or rats to enter into your home through these openings when looking for shelter during cold winters months.

A leaking roof can lead to mold

When water enters your home, it can collect in places like the attic or crawlspace. If this moisture is not removed, mold can grow on the surface of the wood and insulation that cover your roof. Mold can also develop on the outside of your property if there’s standing water around it.

Mold in these areas does more than just look bad — it can cause damage to the roofing material itself. For example, black mold is often found on roofs made with asphalt shingles because these materials are porous and allow water to seep through them easily. Once black mold begins growing, it causes discoloration that may spread throughout other parts of the house as well as damage to nearby surfaces such as walls or furniture due to its corrosive nature (e.g., rotting wood).

The solution could be more costly than you think

If your roof is leaking and you don’t repair it soon, the water damage can get worse. You may need to replace insulation, drywall, and other materials in the attic. If left alone for several months without proper repairs, mold can develop on any type of surface in the home. That means that even if you can avoid a major infection while your home is being repaired after a leaky roof causes damage, there will still be plenty of work ahead of you when repairs are complete.

Having a leaking roof can be a huge problem, as it can lead to mold that will damage your home and make your family sick. If you notice water stains on your ceiling or walls, then it’s time to contact a professional roofing company. They will have the experience and knowledge needed to fix the problem quickly before it causes further damage inside or outside of your house.

When is Tornado Season?

12/9/2022 (Permalink)

Tornadoes Tornadoes can destroy homes, businesses, vehicles, and other personal property.

When Does Tornado Season Begin?

Tornado season is a much-discussed topic in the U.S., as it's a very active tornado period. The peak of the tornado season typically occurs between March and May. However, tornadoes can occur in any month of the year, so keep an eye out for any signs that one might be headed your way.

Tornado season varies across the country, but there are some commonalities.

Tornado season varies across the country, but there are some commonalities. For example, tornado season is March through May in the southern U.S., April through June in the central U.S., and June through August in the northern U.S. However, what isn’t so predictable is when a twister will strike — not even local meteorologists can answer that question with certainty.

As you might expect, tornado frequency increases during severe weather season because of increased thunderstorm activity and instability within those storms.

Despite these guidelines, tornadoes can hit any time during the year.

Although the peak activity for tornadoes typically occurs in spring and summer, tornadoes can occur at any time of year. Tornadoes have been observed during all months of the year, including during winter and fall. In some cases, they occur early or late in the day; however, most tornadoes form between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.

What effects can tornado damage have on your property? 

A tornado can cause a wide range of damage to your home, business, and property. Tornadoes can destroy homes, businesses, vehicles, and other personal property. They may also disrupt electricity supply lines and cause power outages that last for several days after the storm has passed.

Tornadoes often result in flooding that causes severe damage to many properties including roads, bridges, and coastal areas. Tornadoes have been known to trigger floods by removing or damaging levees or dams that hold back floodwaters.

How to restore your home or business from tornadoes?  

To restore your home or business after a tornado, it's important to know how severe the damage is and what kind of repairs are needed. If you're not sure whether a building can be repaired, hire a restoration company or insurance adjuster to assess the structure and determine if it's worth the cost.

For instance, if structural damage is extensive and irreparable, then you may need to build a new home from scratch or move out of town entirely. On the other hand, if there are only minor cosmetic problems (damage to doors and windows), then that area could be easily fixed with some elbow grease — and perhaps some paint.  

Be always prepared for tornadoes.

That may seem like a daunting task, but you can start by making sure your family is ready at any time of year. Know the signs of a tornado and where to go if you need to evacuate and have an emergency kit ready with enough supplies to last 72 hours. If possible, have a plan in place for your pets as well. To help get you started on all these things, FEMA provides helpful tips on what to do if a tornado touches down nearby.


Tornadoes are a part of life in the United States, and it’s important to stay vigilant throughout the year. While tornadoes can hit any time, there are some commonalities among those that occur during the spring. As you prepare your Houston,TX home or business for tornado season, make sure that you have a plan in place for what to do if one strikes.

What Are Reasons To Have Noisy Pipes?

11/4/2022 (Permalink)

White plastic pipe leaking It's crucial to get a professional to come in and look at any noisy pipes you may have.

What Causes Noisy Pipes?

If you hear strange noises coming from your pipes, you're probably wondering what's going on. The good news is that most of the time, there's nothing to worry about — sometimes it can be as simple as a small amount of water that has entered the pipe or something falling into the waste line. However, if your pipes are making loud banging noises or rattling around in their fittings, then there may be more serious issues at hand, and you should consider calling an expert immediately.

How do noisy pipes happen?

There are many reasons why a pipe might develop a noise. The most common cause is water hammer, which occurs when you turn off your faucet and the air in the pipes tries to rush out of them. This can be caused by multiple factors such as high-water pressure or a broken or leaking pipe.

Another possible reason for noisy pipes is that you may have an object stuck in one of your drains and that's causing it to vibrate.

What should you do about noisy pipes?

If you hear a significant amount of noise coming from your pipes, it's best to call a professional. If it's a small leak that you can fix yourself, however, here are some tips:

  • Drill holes in the wall behind the noisy pipes and push ear plugs into them. This will help reduce the sound being heard on the other side of the wall by dampening its transmission.
  • Look for hidden sources of noise (such as an air compressor) that could be interfering with your plumbing system. 

Call a specialist to inspect any noisy pipes you may have in your home.

If you have noisy pipes in your home, it may be time to call a professional to come in and investigate. Here are some of the common causes of pipe noise:

Corrosion – The most common reason for pipe noise is corrosion. This occurs when water runs through the pipes, causing them to corrode over time. If your home has older pipes, they could be more susceptible to corrosion than newer ones would be. In this case, one solution might be simply replacing those old pipes with newer ones that don't corrode as quickly or easily (though this can be expensive).

Age – As any homeowner knows, older homes tend to have older plumbing systems—and these often aren't nearly as reliable as modern ones are! If yours is one such older model and you're experiencing frequent problems with things like clogged drains or running toilets, then consider having them replaced before they start causing more serious issues like broken water lines or burst pipes (which can cause major flooding throughout your house).

Defective construction - While most people think about flaws occurring during manufacturing processes at factories where products are made by machine operators who make mistakes in adding certain materials into their products' ingredients lists which may not belong there because they didn't know what they were doing correctly enough yet without proper training needed before being allowed access zones containing chemicals dangerous enough kill everyone present if released into atmosphere air circulation throughout kitchen area at times leading up during holidays.

If you have noisy pipes, it’s important to call a professional to come in and investigate. We can help identify what is causing the noise and fix them so your home is quiet again.

How To Prepare Your Business For a Fire

10/16/2022 (Permalink)

Finger touching button of a smoke alarm Test your smoke detectors monthly

Prepare Your Company for a Fire

A fire can cause significant damage to your business, especially if you don't have a plan in place. Fires are unpredictable and can happen at any time, so it's important to prepare for the worst-case scenario. Here are some tips to help ensure that your business is ready in case of an emergency:

Have an emergency evacuation plan and make sure your employees know it.

You should have an emergency evacuation plan in place before a fire strikes. But that's not all: your employees need to know about it and be able to follow it in a timely manner.

The first part of the process is creating a plan. The easiest way to do this from scratch is by using an online template, like online Emergency Evacuation Plan Generators. You can use this tool for free if you're just planning on using your template for personal purposes. 

Once you've created your emergency evacuation plan, it's important that everyone knows what their role is during emergencies and how they should react when one occurs. You can accomplish this by including instructions in the form of signs posted around your building or as part of any safety procedures training program provided by management or HR departments.

Have emergency contact information for everyone in the office.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to creating an emergency contact list is that it's a living document. If someone leaves your team, or if you hire someone new, make sure to update the list accordingly. Getting everyone's contact information should be easy enough: ask for a phone number and in what format they prefer (text message vs. voice call). You can also ask people how best to reach them if they're out of town—their preferred method of contact will depend on their job role and what they need for their absence not to negatively impact the business.

If you do have an emergency arise where someone needs to reach multiple people at once (like a fire), then having everyone's backup numbers handy can be crucial. But don't forget that not all communication methods are equal: some might prefer text messages while others will only respond via email or phone calls; some may have different numbers depending on whether they're working inside or outside; etcetera. The more information you collect about how each person likes getting notifications during off-work hours will help ensure more successful communication overall when disaster strikes.

Keep fire extinguishers on hand and make sure all your employees are trained on how to use them.

The National Fire Protection Association recommends an initial fire extinguisher be placed in each area of the business and additional extinguishers as necessary to meet specific hazards or classifications, such as flammable liquids. For example, if you have a large storage area for flammable liquids, you may want an additional extinguisher in that area.

You should also train your employees on how to use them. This doesn't have to be an extensive training session; just make sure they know how to identify what type of fire they're dealing with and how to best approach each kind of fire. 

Install a sprinkler system in your business. 

If you own a business, installing a sprinkler system is the best way to keep your building from being damaged by fire. Sprinklers can be installed in new buildings or added to existing buildings, and they’re fairly simple and inexpensive to install. The cost of installing a sprinkler system varies based on the size and layout of your building, but it’s typically between $2,000 and $5,000.

It may seem like an overwhelming task if you're unfamiliar with plumbing or electrical work, but if you hire a professional contractor who specializes in fire protection services (like us!), he'll be able to walk you through each step of the process while making sure everything is done safely.

Train your employees on what to do in case of a fire. 

  • Make sure your employees know where the fire extinguishers are and how to use them.
  • Make sure they know where the exits are and how to get out of the building.
  • If you have a plan in place, make sure they follow it.

Install smoke detectors and test them regularly. 

Smoke detectors are a good way to detect fires. To ensure that your smoke detector works properly, test it monthly using the test button on the detector or by calling the fire department to have them do so. If your detectors go off when they shouldn't (for example, while cooking), contact an electrician or fire inspector to investigate further.

If you find that your home's smoke detectors are not working properly, call an electrician who specializes in electrical wiring and repairs before attempting any troubleshooting yourself as this could be dangerous if done incorrectly

Preparing for a fire can help prevent significant damage.

Preparing your business for a fire can help to prevent significant damage. If you are in a situation where your business is threatened by fire, there is a high chance that the building and structure can sustain extensive structural damage, as well as materials that have been stored inside it. This could include products and inventory you may have on hand.

It’s also important to consider the safety of your employees and contractors if any are present currently. You don’t want them to be injured during an emergency or evacuation process because they weren’t aware of what was going on until it was too late, so make sure everyone has access to information about how they should respond in case of emergency.

Fire is a serious threat to business and property, but by taking the time to plan for emergencies and keep your employees trained on what to do in case of an emergency, you can reduce the risk of fire damage significantly. Having an evacuation plan and knowing where all the fire extinguishers are located will help everyone stay safe in case there's a fire, while installing sprinklers or smoke detectors will detect any danger before it gets out of control.

How Leaky Roofs Cause Moldy Ceilings

8/30/2022 (Permalink)

Hand pointing to mold growth on ceiling A leaky roof cause a moldy ceiling

When your property in Atascocita, TX, suffers roof damage, you probably do not think about other problems that might spring up as a result. However, if the leak goes unchecked, you could find yourself looking at a dark spot on the ceiling and wondering if it is black mold.

Signs of a Leaky Roof

A roof leak can go unnoticed for some time, but there are signs that will tell you that you need to do a quick inspection for water damage:

  • A musty attic
  • Dark spots on ceilings and walls
  • Decaying wood in the attic
  • Damaged or missing shingles
  • A ceiling leak or skylight leak

If you notice any of these signs, you should have a commercial restoration and mold remediation expert inspect your property. It takes time for water to get through your roof, layers of insulation and into your ceiling, so the problem could be larger than you think.

How Leaks Help Mold Grow
Stachybotrys chartarum, or black mold, is the most well-known, but many kinds of fungus can settle into your building because of a roof leak. No matter the type, all mold needs three things: moisture, food, and a warm environment. A leaky roof can provide all three of these essentials by letting moisture into attic spaces that contain porous materials such as wood, insulation and drywall that, once wet, lack the proper ventilation to dry out.

Fixing the Problem
If you find that you have a leaky roof, the first step to preventing any further issues is to fix it. Because the damage could be more extensive than it seems, hiring professionals to handle repairs and any resulting mold issues is the safest way to go.
Dealing with any kind of mold, not just black mold, is a business owner’s nightmare, but with early detection and the right help, your building will be back to working condition in no time.

Why Mold Growth Should Be Taken Seriously by Building Owners

8/30/2022 (Permalink)

Black spots of mold in a wall Mold damage in a commercial building

Why Building Owners Should Take Mold Growth Seriously

When you lease or rent building space to clients, you have a number of responsibilities to maintain the property according to community standards. If you fail to do this, you could leave your company open to lawsuits. Mold insurance claims cover both property damages as the result of mold growth as well as certain liability issues. The presence of mold in your building could cause harm to your clients or tenants in a variety of ways:

  • A business disruption
  • A safety issue
  • The destruction of personal items
  • Health effects

Any of these problems could lead to a mold claim against your company. Fortunately, there are effective ways to prevent and treat a mold outbreak.

Mold Prevention
As with most problems, it is always better to avoid the issue than to have to clean it up. Understanding how mold grows is the key to preventing its appearance. Excess moisture is the primary cause of a fungal outbreak. An outbreak often happens after a leak that brings water into a building is not cleaned up in a professional manner. This enables mold that is present in a building to grow into colonies that harm materials and even degrade air quality. Many mold insurance claims come about because of a water leak.

Mold Remediation
A professional mold mitigation franchise such as SERVPRO is always Here to Help. If your building has a serious mold problem, highly-trained technicians perform an assessment and inspection that quickly identifies the extent of the problem. They will use equipment such as containment barriers, HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers to get the fungus under control. They will remove mold and mold-infested materials, clean contents and belongings and restore or replace any damaged items. A professional cleanup and restoration go a long way toward minimizing any mold insurance claims. Your clients or tenants can feel confident that the problem is taken care of once and for all.

3 Actions To Take After a House Fire

8/25/2022 (Permalink)

Exterior side of a house burned, window broken The aftermath of a fire in your Crosby, TX, home is often difficult to face.

Fire Restoration Process

After a fire sweeps through your Crosby, TX home, the cleanup process can seem insurmountable. With belongings to salvage and sort, damage to catalog and smoke and soot to clean up, you may not know where to begin. However, there are a few steps you can take to begin the fire restoration process, and they may give you peace of mind as you attempt to recover from ablaze.

1. Contact Your Insurance Company

Once the fire is completely extinguished and you are certain everyone is safe, put in a call to your insurance company as soon as possible. Filing a claim with your fire insurance agent within 24 hours of the incident might help him or her process it with more efficiency. This could mean a quicker payout to help cover the cost of repairs and smoke cleaning.

2. Avoid Disturbing Affected Rooms

While you may want to enter fire-damaged rooms to retrieve certain items, doing so isn’t always safe and could compromise any type of inspection your insurance adjuster performs. If possible, tape off any affected areas and do not let any family members enter. You’ll likely be anxious to start the fire restoration process; however, waiting for insurance and cleanup professionals to arrive first may help the process go more smoothly.

3. Call in Fire Cleanup Experts

The mess left behind after a fire is sometimes considerable, so calling in a company that specializes in smoke cleaning and restoration can be an effective step in recovery. Cleanup technicians who are trained in this area can bring in air scrubbing and fogging machines to remove soot and smoke from your carpeting, walls and ceiling. They may also be able to advise you about photo and document recovery and restoration as well.

The aftermath of a fire in your Crosby, TX, home is often difficult to face. However, knowing which steps to take right away can streamline the fire restoration process and allow you to recover quickly.

What You Need to Know About Mold Growth

7/31/2022 (Permalink)

Mold growth found behind kitchen cabinet Mold damage in a home in Houston, TX.

What You Should Know About Mold Development

 When you own a home, you may sometimes experience certain problems. One common issue you may face is the growth of black mold. If this is your first time seeing mold in your Houston, TX, home, then you may have some questions. The following information can help.

1. Why Does Mold Grow in Your Home?

Mold is a fungus that exists in most environments, which is why black mold growth is so common. If it has shown up in your house, the most likely reason is that you have some water damage. This fungus needs moisture to grow and, once it has it, can spread quite rapidly. In some cases, a colony may appear in just a day or two.

2. Will It Go Away On Its Own?

You might be hoping that if you just leave it alone long enough, the mold will simply go away. However, this is not the case. In order to remove it, you will need to have mold cleanup done, preferably by a professional. During this process, the area should be blocked off to prevent mold spores from spreading to other areas of the house. Once this has been done, the growth will be removed, and the area will be thoroughly dried and sanitized.

3. How Do You Keep It From Coming Back?

The key to preventing mold from returning is keeping moisture at bay. If you have had mold growth in the past, it is likely to return if you are not careful. Whether it is from a leaky pipe, storm damage, or high humidity, a moisture problem will make it easy for the fungus to grow. Proper maintenance, regular cleaning, and using a dehumidifier can help keep this from happening.
If you have black mold in your home, you shouldn’t ignore it or try to get rid of it on your own as this can result in further damage. A mold remediation specialist will have the necessary training, experience, and equipment to safely and thoroughly remove the growth.

Do All Drain Cleaners Damage Pipes?

7/23/2022 (Permalink)

Drain cleaner ads, water pipe detergent with clear pipes section in 3d illustration Drain cleaners may degrade plumbing in a residence in Humble, TX

Most chemicals intended for clearing a clogged drain are corrosive and toxic. Depending on pipe materials, drain cleaners may degrade plumbing in a residence in Humble, TX. Enzymatic drain treatments are less damaging, but also work more slowly. Learn more about how acidic, caustic, and oxidizing cleaners work to determine the most effective sewage cleaning method.

How Do Cleaners Work?

Cleaning products are most effective on slow or partially clogged drains. There are three types of drain cleaner chemicals:

  • Acidic, such as hydrochloric or sulfuric acid
  • Caustic, such as sodium hydroxide
  • Oxidizing, such as sodium hypochlorite

Acidic solutions attract electrons, while caustic solutions give electrons to the clog. Both of these types of cleaners release heat. Sodium hypochlorite oxidizes the clog and releases electrons, heat, and gas. A fully clogged drain should be cleared mechanically.

What Are Enzymatic Treatments?

Enzymes restore the bacterial balance of a drain line, which can prevent clogs. These treatments should be used before a drain slows or clogs. Flush mainline enzymes down a toilet twice a month to start and then once every three months. Clear sink or shower drains by pouring enzymes down the drain once a week for a month and then once a month.

Which Treatments Are the Most Effective?

Chemical drain cleaning solutions work quickly to speed up a slow drain or clear a partial blockage, but these products may also damage pipes. These substances are also highly toxic to humans, domestic animals, and the environment. When used as directed, enzymatic treatments are safer and can keep clogs from forming.

In the case of a completely clogged drain, it is better to call a plumber than use treatments that may fail to break up a blockage or sit in pipes and cause damage. If a clog results in a backup and sewer damage, contact a sewage cleaning company in Humble, TX.

5 Tips to Protect your Business From a Storm

7/18/2022 (Permalink)

Green external hard drive You may also want to invest in a backup server for saving important computer data.

Five Ways to Prevent a Storm From Ruining Your Business

If you're worried about rain damage at your Kingwood, TX, business, you may want to contact a local storm damage restoration service. These professionals can not only help make repairs after a storm but may also be able to help recommend some great mitigation tips for your property. Here are five things they may recommend.

1. Clean the Gutters

Cleaning the gutters can help prevent water back up during a storm. Check for and remove any debris, and also ensure the gutters are securely attached to the building.

2. Back-Up Data

You may also want to invest in a backup server or other methods for saving important computer data. This is important as a storm can lead to a power outage and my interrupt computing processes.

3. Stay On Top of Repairs

Another way to prevent rain damage which can lead to black mold is to stay on top of any repairs. If you have existing water damage contact a restoration service. Repairing damage quickly can help prevent additional damage from occurring when a storm arrives.

4. Check the Landscaping

It’s important to check your landscaping for any debris that could be blown around by the storm. You may also want to check any delicate plants and cover them over with a protective sheet.

5. Protect the Property

If any part of the area that separates your company interior from the elements outside, or building envelope, is in need of repair, it’s important to protect the space from further damage. This can include placing a tarp or ply-board over the area.

If you're preparing to protect your business from rain damage, consider keeping the gutters clear, backing up electronic data, staying on top of repairs, checking the landscaping, and protecting vulnerable areas on the property by covering them over. If your business does experience damage a restoration service can help.

4 Important Reasons To Board Up Your Home After a Fire

6/28/2022 (Permalink)

Before and after picture of a home damaged by fire, roof destroyed, windows boarded. After picture - Restored home It is important to board up your home after a fire.

Board Up Your Home After a Fire

If you've recently suffered damage to your Harmaston, TX, home after a fire, you may feel overwhelmed and want to walk away. It's crucial to board up your home, however, to protect your property from further loss and expense. Here are four significant reasons to do this.

1. Prevent Your Home From Becoming a Risk to Others After Fire Damage
Even areas that look safe could have hidden dangers, such as load-bearing walls that might collapse or electrical hazards. There could also be harmful particles that are dangerous to breathe. It's vital to have restoration professionals do an emergency board up to protect you and others.
You may not want to go back into your home, but others might find the temptation too alluring, especially children and teens. If they enter your home and wind up injured, you could be sued. Protect yourself from liability by boarding up your home.

2. Protect Your Home From Vandals
Teens aren't the only ones trying to get into your home. Thieves and vandals want in as well and could steal everything from fixtures to electronics. They can also gain access to your personal information, putting your privacy at risk. Thieves will take anything they think they can sell, so protecting your home is crucial.

3. Shield Your Home From the Elements
If you have a hole in your roof or an opening in your wall, wind and rain can get in, along with animals and even the homeless looking for free shelter. They can cause further damage and increase your repair bill, so take the time to board up your home.

4. Safeguard Yourself from Losing Insurance Coverage
Your insurance company expects you to take reasonable measures to prevent further deterioration of the building. That means boarding up openings and laying tarps where needed.
With the help of professionals to board up your dwelling, you can protect your home from further damage.

3 Ways To Prevent Storm Damage to Your Solar Panels

6/21/2022 (Permalink)

Solar panel on a red roof Prevent storm damage to your solar panels.

Three Ways To Keep Your Panel Working

Solar panel arrays are a significant investment, and you want to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck. You may have purchased a warranty when you installed your panels, but the warranty likely won't cover every type of panel damage. Because of that, you should do what you can to prevent the panels from becoming damaged in a severe storm. Here are three ways to keep your panels working for years to come.

1. Buy the Right Kind of Panels
The best way to prevent damage to your panels is to ensure you buy the correct type of panels for your area. If your Timberlane Acres, TX, home has issues with regular roof damage from hail, you need to buy a panel array rated for hail damage. Most panels with a hail damage certification are rated to withstand hail up to a half-inch in diameter, while some can withstand hail as large as an inch.

2. Install Protection for the Solar Panels
Most storm mitigation services recommend installing covers for your panels to add an extra layer of protection. The cover you choose will depend on how much extra protection you need. Choose a strong cover with solid sides to help prevent panel damage if you frequently have powerful storms with heavy winds and hail. However, if you typically have just hard rains, a mesh cover that slips over the panel will be sufficient.

3. Cut Back Trees on Your Property
Regularly cutting back trees on your property is vital in preventing panel damage. In a strong windstorm, tree branches can easily break off and be thrown onto your roof and panels. Even a small branch can turn into a projectile in heavy winds. Contact an arborist to evaluate your trees every year and remove any limbs that have died or could become problematic.
Keeping your solar array safe is easy when you follow a few simple steps and purchase the best type for your home.

Why SERVPRO May Be the Franchise for You

6/7/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO green truck parked outside of SERVPRO office SERVPRO Kingwood/Humble is Faster to Any Emergency!

Why SERVPRO Might Be the Right Fit for You

As a future business owner in Magnolia Gardens, TX, you may be wondering which franchise might be the right one for you. If you are intrigued by the idea of a company with a proven business model and outstanding support, a SERVPRO franchise might be worth looking into.

Franchise owners enjoy many benefits, including:

  • Brand recognition
  • Onboarding training from headquarters
  • Ongoing support from headquarters
  • Brand recognition
  • In-house financing
  • Preferred vendor status
  • Unique industry certifications
  • Helping those in need

With all of the above perks, the networks and connections are already established for you. This is one of the reasons that SERVPRO has been rated the top restoration service franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine.

What Is Certified SERVPRO Cleaned?
SERVPRO cleaning came about because of the covid-19 pandemic. Many workers were hesitant to return to the office out of fear that the premises were not properly cleaned and sanitized. This program is based on the CDC and EPA's protocols and best practices to destroy viruses. During this time of uncertainty, offering this level of protection can work to expand your potential customer base.

How Does Ownership Work?
Each SERVPRO franchise is locally owned and operated. As a leader in the restoration and remediation of fire, water, smoke, mold, and other disasters, there is a lot for a new owner to learn. SERVPRO does not expect its franchisees to already know how to help customers restore their homes and businesses after a disaster. That is why the company offers initial and ongoing training at its headquarters in Gallatin, Tenessee. As a franchise owner, you will not be left on your own to figure out the business.
Owning a SERVPRO franchise is a rewarding career that allows you to operate a successful business while helping people during difficult times. If you are searching for a complete business system that has been proven successful, you may enjoy joining the restoration and remediation industry.

3 Ways To Minimize Damage From a Basement Flood

5/27/2022 (Permalink)

Completely flooded basement. It is visible line showing maximum water level higher than 7 feet. Recovering from a basement flood can be a big undertaking.

3 Ways to Minimize Basement Flood Damage

When you have a basement flood in Pittsville, TX, it is important to begin the cleanup process as quickly as possible. The longer the water sits, the more damage is likely to occur. You can help to minimize the damage to your home if you know some reasonable steps to take.

1. Do Not Enter the Flooded Area Unprotected
Submerged basements can pose many hazards. If you must enter, do so with extreme caution. If the water is only an inch or so deep, you can wear rubber boots and walk on plywood to shut off the circuit breaker or stop the source of the water leak. If the water is above the electrical outlets, do not enter. Instead, call the fire department or other emergency personnel and wait for them to arrive.

2. Remove and Replace Damaged Equipment
According to the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) and the Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association (GAMA), mechanical and electrical equipment that has been damaged in a basement flood should be replaced. Do not reuse electrical outlets, wires, or appliances after a flood. Doing so could cause a hazard later. When a professional restoration company arrives on-site, they will help determine what is salvageable and what must be discarded or replaced. Fortunately, flood insurance coverage usually includes the cost to replace damaged building materials such as sockets, drywall, and wires.

3. Create Safeguards for Future Protection
There are some steps you can take to prevent your basement from flooding again in the future. First, make sure all stormwater is routed away from your home's foundation. Proper preparation includes maintaining the ground slope and diverting rain spouts. Install drains or multiple sump pumps inside your basement to quickly get rid of any water. You can install a generator as a backup to keep the sump pumps running even after the power goes out.
Recovering from a basement flood can be a big undertaking. Luckily, there are things you can do to minimize damage to your home and avoid future problems.

Important Issues With Mold Insurance Claims

5/22/2022 (Permalink)

Cracked wall covered with black mold. Mold damage in Porter, TX.

Important Mold Insurance Claims Issues

Business owners and managers need to keep a close eye on their commercial insurance coverage. It is an ongoing battle to make sure the policy covers what it should and that premiums are not too high. To accomplish this, those in a position of authority should look at their policies at least once a year, especially in regard to gaps in coverage and too dangerous exposures to lawsuits. Mold insurance claims can be an area that requires constant monitoring. The insurance provider should be able to recommend coverage that makes sense in this regard. Some companies might need more coverage than others when it comes to mold issues.

A commercial property in Porter, TX, that has mold could be sued for liability. While there are many gray areas related to mold insurance claims, it is a serious issue for a company. The following business models are at a higher risk for liability lawsuits as a result of a mold claim:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Office buildings
  • Leased buildings
  • Multi-unit properties

Managers should always take mold issues seriously. Failure to act swiftly and responsibly could lead to an adverse judgment in a liability case.

Property Damage
Because a mold outbreak can cause significant property damage, mold remediation should start as soon as possible. A local mold mitigation team can arrive at a property quickly and recommend the best course of action. This is often the surest way to avoid lawsuits. It is also an excellent way to minimize damages as a result of a mold outbreak. Technicians can perform a variety of vital actions, including testing, containment, removal and restoration. In certain cases, commercial insurance does cover the cost of cleanup and repair for mold mitigation services. Business owners should learn as much as possible about minimizing mold insurance claims.

Responsibility After a Rental Property Fire

5/17/2022 (Permalink)

Apartment building on fire Apartment fire in Atascocita, TX.

After a Rental Property Fire, Who Is Responsible?

After a rental property fire, there is sometimes confusion about who is responsible for paying the cost of damages. Each situation is unique, but there are some underlying factors that help determine responsibility.

1. Who Caused the Apartment Fire?
If it has been determined that a tenant caused the fire, they are responsible for paying the landlord for many of the building's repair costs. If the fire was not caused by a tenant, the landlord's insurance policy will cover the renovation costs of the building structure. In this scenario, tenants may opt for terminating their lease if the property is totally destroyed.
In some instances, tenants have the ability to end their lease ahead of time even if the building isn't completely ruined. The landlord may agree instead to cover the cost of a temporary relocation until the building has been renovated after an apartment fire.

2. What Insurance Coverage Has Been Obtained?
Landlords in Atascocita, TX, must purchase a landlord insurance policy to pay for fire damage to the building. This insurance typically covers such things as:

  • The building structure itself
  • Any property that is stored for contractors, such as equipment and materials
  • Appliances and furniture supplied by the landlord

Unfortunately, the landlord's insurance policy will not cover any possessions lost by the tenants during an apartment fire. This makes it essential for your tenants to work with their insurance agent to purchase a renter's insurance policy ahead of time. It is also a good idea to require tenants to obtain this insurance before the lease is signed, or at the very least to sign a statement showing they understand the rules. This will help to alleviate any potential problems down the road.
In addition, it's a good idea to research fire restoration services ahead of time so that renovations can begin as soon as possible.
Protect your investment during a devastating fire with a comprehensive insurance policy.

3 Tips for Creating a Business Inventory for Your Insurance

4/25/2022 (Permalink)

Notebook with the phrase INVENTORY SYSTEM  and three pencils A simple inventory list can make a big difference when filing an insurance claim for your business in Crosby, TX.

Tips On Creating Your Inventory List

Today, technology has made creating a business inventory easier than ever. Smartphones and tablets have brought the tools you need to your fingertips. A simple inventory list can make a big difference when filing an insurance claim for your business in Crosby, TX. It will prevent you from having to try to recount all of your equipment and belongings to an insurance agent. This means you can spend your time focusing on choosing a disaster remediation company. This is especially helpful if your business has been around for a while and accumulated many things. Here are some tips on creating your inventory list.

1. Make a Video
An insurance claim can result in a big payout if you have proper documentation. A video offers irrefutable evidence and quickens the amount of time you will receive your money. Therefore, creating a video of your items can be a big step for protecting your business. In other words, this is a crucial task. Try to get all of your business items in the video.

2. Keep It Simple
This is neither a movie nor a documentary, so you don't need to worry about good lighting or editing. Just take a video camera and walk through each room of your business. Open all of your closets or storage containers and film these items. You can talk about each item if you want, or stay silent.

3. Focus on Expensive Items
Any high-end electronics or equipment in your business will need special attention. Make sure you get these items in the video, along with any model and serial numbers. Not only can this give you a better payout, but it can help the restoration company, such as SERVPRO, establish proper remediation procedures.
You don't want to rely on memory when recounting your business' inventory for an insurance claim. Instead, create a simple video that focuses on high-dollar items so you can get the most out of your insurance company.

Storm Preparedness and Property Management Go Hand in Hand

4/18/2022 (Permalink)

Hand with glove holding leaves from a gutter. Cleaning gutters How often do you clean your gutters?

Storm Preparedness 

Property managers in Houston, TX, have a lot on their plates. As the next storm starts brewing, being ready for it provides added relief and makes it easier to ride it out. No matter how many properties you are juggling, storm preparedness should always be a priority when it comes to property management. Preparations should include considering the properties and people in them.

Regular Inspections

While your to-do list may seem to never be finished, maintenance and property inspections are vital to avoiding costly repairs and other headaches. Before the storm hits, the following should be inspected to prevent unwanted water infiltration.

· Gutters and Downspouts: Ensure they are free of leaves and debris. Any clogs may mean overflow going directly down toward the foundation.

· Roofs: It is recommended to have roofs inspected by a professional at least once a year. In between inspections, regular checks should be made for any cracks, erosion and missing components. After a storm, ensure that any debris is removed to avoid accelerating potential damage.

· Windows and Joints: Wherever two surfaces meet is a prime location for water to seep in. Check that windows work properly and tightly shut. Look for any loose or damaged seals and get them replaced immediately.

Prepare a Plan

Along with having your property secured, storm preparedness means ensuring the people in the buildings know what to do. Develop an emergency plan that includes emergency contact information, evacuation routes and a checklist to ensure everyone’s safety. Encourage tenants to listen to weather updates and act accordingly. Since anything can happen during a storm, it is worth considering designating someone on the property to be in charge during a disaster situation. They can help other tenants follow the plan, as well as perform any emergency work to the building, such as boarding up windows.
Whether on the premises or not, having a storm preparedness plan is essential for securing the property, proving calm during the chaos and minimizing potential damage.

3 Common Effects of Water Damage on Ceiling Tiles

4/4/2022 (Permalink)

Hand pointing to mold growth on ceiling Mold growth on the ceiling.

Water Damage to Ceiling Tiles

Water damage can have telltale effects on the appearance and condition of the tiles on a ceiling. Short of tile mold, visible signs of disintegration, distortion or staining may be evident. Find out more about three common effects leaks can have on commercial ceiling tiles at a building located in Humble, TX.

1. Causing Stains To Appear On Tiles

As soon as water makes contact with expanded polystyrene, fiberglass, cork, or other ceiling materials, stains may start to become apparent. Tile discoloration may not be immediately discernible, but dried damage from water on various ceiling styles tends to turn the tiles brown over time. Signs of problems may become more visible in the following days, weeks and months if the owner or building manager fails to undertake water damage restoration.

2. Distorting the Texture of the Ceiling

Nearly any type of ceiling material becomes distorted in appearance after moderate to major damage involving water. Fast leaks from plumbing supply lines or a big breach in roofing materials may cause ceilings to sag or swell. A slow leak may not show signs of a distorted texture until tile mold starts to grow. Mold may be fuzzy, spongy or slimy in appearance and tends to grow in patterns.

3. Undermining the Ceiling Materials

Porous ceiling materials will not be the same after saturation with water. Ceilings may start to crack, crumble or flake and leave behind residues on floors and surfaces. It is often necessary to replace absorbent ceiling materials such as polystyrene, cork or fiberglass. It may be possible to clean mold off of plastic or metal commercial ceilings.

Commercial property owners or managers may notice a distorted texture or staining before ceiling tiles start disintegrating. It is important to act quickly to limit damage and risks of occupant exposure to tile mold. Schedule an inspection to determine the cause and degree of damage to a building in Humble, TX.

How To Properly Handle a Black Water Flood

3/30/2022 (Permalink)

Air movers placed in pile Drying equipment lined up to treat this flood damage property.

Three Steps To Prevent Flood Damage

Black water, or category 3 water, is highly contaminated and should be handled as an emergency plumbing situation that poses a hazard for the people who enter your building. Along with carrying viruses and bacteria, this type of water can have a foul smell. Common sources of category 3 water are:

  • Water from flooding
  • Backed up sewage
  • Toilet overflow

If you have experienced a category 3 water flood in Channelview, TX, take these steps immediately to prevent flood damage.

Use Proper Protective Gear

Flooding from stormwater, sewage, or any other form of contaminated water should be handled with care to prevent disease. Wear gloves, masks and bodysuits if they are available to you. Properly dispose of hazardous waste once you have finished cleaning by tightly placing all contaminated towels and rags into a large plastic bag. Tightly close the bag and dispose of it according to your region's waste management codes.

Clean and Dry Your Property

Use old rags, mops or towels to clean the water from your property. A water vacuum may help to clean excess water and dry materials more efficiently than rags. Once you have cleaned the water, make sure your property is not damp. If it is still damp from the flood, use a dehumidifier until the materials are no longer humid. You can also use floor fans to dry carpet, wood or tile floors.

Hire a Restoration Service

A professional water damage restoration service will help to properly clean your property if you do not want to purchase protective gear or undertake the arduous task of cleaning. They will also dehumidify and restore your property by making the necessary repairs to water-damaged construction materials.
Water damage from flooding can be disastrous to a home, especially if the damaged materials are not cleaned and restored on time. In case of a category 3 water flood, take immediate action to prevent disease and flood damage.

3 Things To Look for in Your Chosen Restoration Company

3/25/2022 (Permalink)

School lockers covered with plastic, long hallway Smoke cleanup in a school in Baytown, TX.

Three Qualities to Look for in a Restoration Company

When preparing an emergency plan you may want to choose a fire damage restoration service in Baytown, TX, for your business as knowing who to contact can help you save time in the event that a fire does occur. However, you may be wondering how to select the best company for your needs. There are several things you may wish to consider when choosing the restoration company you wish to work with.

They Offer a Variety of Services

In many cases, you may want to choose a restoration company that can offer a variety of services. This will allow them to make any repairs associated with the fire damage including

  • Smoke cleanup
  • Soot clean up
  • Flood water cleanup
  • Water damage assessment
  • Mold remediation
  • Item restoration
  • Working with your insurance

They Can Respond Quickly

A professional fire damage restoration service should have the ability to respond quickly as well. This is important as repairs may get in the way of conducting business, and you may want to get everything operational as quickly as possible after a fire. When you contact your chosen service they should be able to get a professional out to you to assess the damage quickly, and then prepare a repair schedule based on the damage type and severity.

They Can Handle Large Jobs

One aspect that may be important for many companies when looking at commercial fire restoration service, is the ability to handle a variety is job sizes. Choosing a company that can do large-scale work often means that in a worst-case scenario they have access to any equipment that may be necessary. It also means that they may be able to handle any job size in between as well.
When choosing the right fire damage restoration team for your business's needs consider the following. What types of services they offer, how quickly they can respond to a disaster, and what size jobs they can handle. Knowing these things beforehand will give you a reliable company you can contact in the event that a fire does break out at your business.

The 3 Types of Water Damage

3/8/2022 (Permalink)

Drying equipment placed on floor, floor has been removed due to water damage Water damage event after a pipe break in Kingwood, TX.

Water Categories

Whether you experience a water pipe repair job gone wrong or a sewage backup, you must immediately remedy the water damage. The first step to fixing your Kingwood, TX, business's damage is to hire a water cleanup company. They will categorize the water, so the proper remediation steps are taken.

1. Category 1 or Clean Water

Category 1 water damage is the least worrisome and is often caused by a broken pipe, overflowing sink, or appliance malfunction. This is considered clean water because it is free of toxins and sewage. Typically, the restoration following the water pipe repair will be quick, and there will be few side effects for the building. However, have remediation performed as soon as possible to prevent further damage and mold growth.

2. Category 2 or Greywater

Category 2 damage is caused by greywater. This includes water from a toilet, washing machine, or sump pump backup. While the water may not necessarily be harmful, it is important to have a water pipe repair performed and follow it up with prompt restoration and sanitation to avoid potential health concerns and further damage. This type of remediation will involve water cleanup and sanitation.

3. Category 3 or Black Water

Category 3 damage must be remedied immediately and is the most dangerous of the water categories. This includes water from sewage, storm surges, seas, rivers, and other bodies of water. When this occurs, most of your items will need to be removed for cleaning, and it will take extensive disinfecting to make your business safe again. It is also probable that you will not salvage some of your items and building materials.
If you have recently experienced a flooded business, you should take action quickly. No matter what category the water is, you should promptly hire a remediation team to perform the cleanup. Otherwise, you could endanger yourself and have further damage to your building.

Pretesting and Insurance Claims

2/25/2022 (Permalink)

Green truck box parked sideways with information of a restoration company 24/7 Immediate response to any type of loss.

Most insurance agents and claims adjusters know that pretesting is an important part of the claim process after residential damage has occurred in Harmaston, TX. This testing reduces claims expenses, as any property that is deemed restorable is less expensive than that which must be completely replaced. Fortunately, SERVPRO can help with this stage and other parts of the claims process through its damage assessment and other related restoration services.

How Does SERVPRO Help?

This residential restoration company helps insurance agents and adjusters quickly yet carefully assess the restorability of property:

• Technicians can provide a quick and efficient assessment of residential damage from fire, water, or mold that includes the crucial pretest step.
• 24/7 response teams are available for most emergency situations.
• Local and corporate resources are available for insurance providers and homeowners at each franchised SERVPRO location.
• Each location has the ability to provide an itemized inventory list of losses in Excel format to any insurance company as needed.

SERVPRO is also a “Preferred Vendor” for most agencies, so insurance professionals know that they are working with some of the best technicians in the industry when they work with a SERVPRO team during pretesting and other stages of the insurance claim process. These professionals are here to assist homeowners, insurance agents and claims adjusters every step of the way by providing the most thorough and helpful damage services possible.

Here to Help

The claims process needs to be as quick and painless as possible for both insurance companies and their clients. Working with a local Harmaston, TX, SERVPRO team can help an agent or claims professional keep everyone as happy as possible while saving money for everyone along the way. Pretesting is important, but it is not always easy to accomplish with some restoration teams. SERVPRO understands that this process is a necessity and will complete it carefully and thoroughly.

Proper Care and Cleaning of Your Gas Range

2/14/2022 (Permalink)

Dirty stove top, cleaning dirty stove top. It is important to keep your gas range clean.

Why Range Cleaning and Maintenance Are Important

A new gas range that is sparkling clean and working well is a joy to cook on. You wipe away every crumb and spill immediately and keep it looking pristine. As the novelty wears off and life happens, you may not worry so much about a spill or two. Things begin to bake onto the surface and accumulated gunk and goo no longer bother you as much. But there are some simple ways to restore your beautiful oven and some good reasons why range cleaning and maintenance are important.

Five Tips for Cleaning Your Range Top

1. Make a mixture of half hot water and half white vinegar. Spray all surfaces, one area at a time and let it sit to soften the dirt.

2. Using a stiff toothbrush, scrub away all grease and buildup. You can scrape gently with a plastic knife if needed, then wipe clean.

3. Remove the burner caps and heads. Wash them in the vinegar mixture and clean the grooves with a pin or toothpick. Dry thoroughly.

4. Wipe everything down one last time and replace burner heads and caps and cooking grates.
5. Wipe things down after each use to maintain a fresh, clean appearance for your gas range.

Why Range Cleaning is Important

Besides looking great and being a more inviting cooking surface, a clean range top can keep the burner heads working properly. Food and spills can build up in the cutout grooves, blocking the flow of gas, creating hot spots or making it unsafe to operate. Burning food near the burner head could also produce an unpleasant smoke smell that can get into everything in your house. If this happens, be sure to get help from odor removal specialists in Timberlane Acres, TX, to clean your home of both the smell and the residue that causes it.

You won’t have to spend your time wishing for a new gas range when yours is sparkling clean and in good order. You can just enjoy what it was made for – giving enjoyment and nourishment to your family.

Bursting Pipes Got You Down?

2/7/2022 (Permalink)

Carpet floor has been removed and drying equipment placed on area suffered damaged Water damage in Magnolia Gardens, TX.

Do You Have a Problem With Burst Pipes?

Bursting pipes leave a big mess. You can call a professional in Magnolia Gardens, TX, to fix a broken pipe, but what do you do about the water damage? Plumbers will perform the necessary repairs to fix your burst or leaking pipe, but it will be up to you to deal with the cleanup.

Water Damage

Water can cause serious damage, especially if it is left standing for a prolonged period of time. You should start the cleanup efforts as soon as possible. If the damage is limited to a small space, you might be able to handle things on your own. A water mitigation professional in Magnolia Gardens, TX, may need to be called in if the bursting pipes affected multiple rooms, traveled between floors of your home or went unnoticed for over eight hours.


If you are dealing with standing water or the leak happened near electrical appliances, turn off the power before you enter. You will need to have any carpet removed. Depending on the damage, it may be salvageable. Clear the room of all furniture and other removable items.

If you are dealing with standing water, it needs to be removed. You can hire a professional or use a shop vac, depending on how much water you are dealing with. It is important to thoroughly dry the area. Warm, dry weather might allow you to open doors and windows. Bring in big fans.

You may even need to remove sections of your wall to ensure the space behind is completely dry. Drywall and insulation can wick water. If the insulation isn’t dried properly mold can grow. Water mitigation specialists can come in and determine the full extent of the damage caused by the bursting pipes.

Dealing with water damage can be a frustrating and overwhelming task. It is vital that you remove all water-soaked materials and dry the space out completely. The faster you can accomplish this, the less likely you will have to deal with mold in the future.

Recognizing Mold – What It Is and Isn’t

1/30/2022 (Permalink)

Black and green spots of mold on a wall. Mold can grow anywhere.

Most property owners know to have a high index of suspicion if you see something black and furry growing on your walls. But do you really know what’s black mold and what’s something else? Knowing the difference can make a big difference for your wallet, not to mention your peace of mind. A house mold inspection is your best bet but here are also a few tips for knowing what is mold in your Pittsville, TX, home, and what’s not mold.

Understanding Mold

Recent years have seen mold gain lots of media attention. It’s not always harmful – indeed, some forms are used to make medicines. But some of the nastier sorts have been linked to:

  • Unpleasant smells
  • Damaged property

What Mold Isn’t

Surprisingly, there are numerous mold lookalikes.

- Mildew
This actually is a kind of mold. But mildew tends to grow on flat surfaces and causes far less damage than mold.

- Dirt
With its black, sooty and caked-on appearance, dirt can be a surprising lookalike for mold. But even stubborn dirt doesn’t require professional removal – just a sponge and some elbow grease.

- Soap Scum
Gathering in wet areas, soap scum can also darken and look like mold. But soap scum doesn’t tend to smell and like dirt, it’s easily removed with a little effort. A mold inspection can help spot the difference.

What Mold Is
So, we know what isn’t mold, but what is? You can get some general clues if what you are seeing is:

  • black and velvety in appearance
  • has a musty odor
  • doesn’t wipe off
  • is in a dark area

The best way to know what you’re dealing with for sure is to get a mold inspection. Next, you’ll know what steps to take for mold removal and to ultimately get your property back in tip-top condition.

Tips for Clearing Away Smoke and Soot Damage

1/25/2022 (Permalink)

Walls and ceiling covered with smoke and soot, wet floor Smoke and soot damage was caused in a Porter, TX building.

Smoke Cleaning Process

One of the hardest parts about dealing with the aftermath of a fire is the impending cleanup process. After all, smoke damage and soot damage can be highly unsafe, not to mention unhealthy, for anyone near it to be around for very long. Here are some useful tips to start the smoke cleaning process in a commercial setting in Porter, TX, and ways with which you should protect yourself from the harmful effects of fire damage.

? Simple, mild detergent or everyday household soap can wash soot and grime off the walls. Mixed with water or small amounts of bleach or other cleaners, the soapy solution you create can be effective in cleaning the walls, wooden flooring and non-upholstered furniture with ease. Working in small sections at a time is ideal for efficiency, and any cleaned areas should be rinsed with water immediately, before they dry, to prevent more issues later.

? Smoke odor can be canceled out by cleaning products with TSP (tri-sodium phosphate). Smoke damage doesn’t just visibly leave its mark; it can leave an unbearable, lasting odor as well. Thankfully, cleaning solutions with TSP can diminish the smoky odor in any fabric furnishings or decor. Only a few tablespoons mixed with a cup of bleach for every gallon of warm water creates the right formula to rid a space of obtrusive smells.

? Toss any food items or beverages that were in the range of soot, smoke or debris. Dishes and silverware can be washed and polished, but any edible products should simply be discarded to prevent illnesses that can arise from eating contaminated food or drinking dirty liquids.

Keep these helpful suggestions in mind when it comes to clearing away smoke damage, soot damage and any other potentially hazardous remains due to an uncontrollable blaze. Most importantly, starting up the smoke cleaning process is the first step to getting back to normal life after such a devastating ordeal.

Flood Cuts and Their Importance to Water Damage Restoration

1/11/2022 (Permalink)

Flood cuts performed on a drywall. Flood cuts are used when flooding has occurred in a business or home.

When flooding impacts your Atascocita, TX, home, the list of repairs can be considerable. From draining away standing water to salvaging furniture and other belongings, there will likely be much to do when it comes to restoration. Repair technicians might recommend performing a flood cut to ensure your home’s interior walls are not damaged, which can prevent costly repairs in the future.

What Is a Flood Cut?

Flood cuts are typically performed when contaminated water enters a room and rises beyond floor level. When flooding affects your home’s walls, it can cause a variety of problems that include:

  • Rotted insulation
  • Mold growth
  • Drywall and wood rot

To prevent these issues, flood technicians cut into the drywall of a flooded room, approximately 12 inches above the flood line. This allows them to inspect the interior wall, drain out water that may have seeped in and remove any wet insulation.

Why Is a Flood Cut Important?

Outdoor flood waters often contain contamination that can include human and animal feces, sewer chemicals and other hazards. A drywall tear out can help flood damage and restoration company workers gauge the severity of the flood and whether components behind the wall will need to be replaced due to the presence of dirty water. In some cases, electrical wiring may have to be removed and replaced, and this type of damage can be difficult to detect without a flood cut.

Is a Cut Necessary for All Floods?

While minor floods may appear harmless, they can still affect your interior walls. Even water that comes from sanitary sources can soak drywall and damage insulation, which must be replaced once it becomes soaked. Ask your flood technicians about whether a flood cut is necessary, no matter the source of the water.

When flooding affects your Atascocita, TX, home, the list of repairs will likely be substantial. Understanding the importance of a flood cut can help you feel more confident about the restoration process and the future condition of your property.


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